Quantitative Investment Analytics (QIA)

Opportunities Where Others See Risk

We strongly believe that a stringent risk management system is the foundation of any successful trading strategy – For this reason we use a combination of systematic and proprietary tools to minimize drawdowns and subsequently improve the performance of any given approach.


Quantitative Investment Analytics (QIA) is our group of skillful quant traders focused on building, testing and automating strategies using machine learning and other proprietary technologies to compete in the financial markets by leveraging quantitative research and non-biased data analysis to take calculated risks with our investors capital.

With specific expertise in energies, precious metals, and equity index futures, our Quantitative Investment Analytics (QIA) group trades crude oil, heating oil, gasoline, gold, silver, Nasdaq, and other related commodity contracts. Through our proprietary strategies, we maintain a balanced portfolio comprising a variety of both standard and diversified exposure based on our model’s technical assessment of the markets. 

To deliver our investment and trading capability, we bring together exceptional talent, a meticulous scientific approach, VAST inventories of data, robust automated systems, and committed intellectual as well as financial capital. As markets become more efficient and expand while uncertainties inflate, we challenge ourselves to innovate our valuation and investment strategies.

We invest and trade, both domestically and internationally, across various forms, combinations, and geographies of financial instruments and physical commodities.

Key Takeaways

Our managed futures strategy where we use a systematic method to follow major market trends.
We trade only in liquid, price-transparent futures contracts.
We provide complete transparency of underlying positions and welcome separately managed accounts (SMA’s). In addition, our largest weightings and performance can be understood intuitively. After a trend has been established (either up or down), we can conclude that a trend following strategy has a significant long or short position in that market.
Our teams are mature and well-developed, with expertise in research, technology, operations, legal, and compliance.
We have highly sophisticated risk management systems that target a specific volatility of performance by weighting positions based on risk parity. We continually update our models based on changes in volatility and correlations of the markets in which we invest.

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